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The new Fujinon HF-12M lens series

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Pyser-SGI has announced the launch of the new Fujinon HF-12M series as top-of-the-range machine vision lenses for use in inspection and measurement applications in production lines.

The HF-12M lenses can resolve high resolution of up to12 megapixels with a pixel pitch of 2.1µm. All models of the new series maintain a high level of even sharpness from the image center out to the corners and compensate for the resolution degradation that typically occurs when changing working distance or aperture value. This enables the consistent delivery of high-resolution images even under varying installation and shooting conditions at the manufacturing frontline.

The smallest lenses compatible with 2.1µm pixel pitch currently available.









New TVLogic SRM-074W

NOW available from Pyser-SGI:

NEW 7 inch broadcast HD LCD high-luminance capability field monitor from TVLogic gives clear viewing in the brightest sunlight

Now available from exclusive UK/Ireland distributor Pyser-SGI Limited is the new SRM-074W 7 inch Sunlight Readable field monitor only recently introduced by manufacturing market leaderTVLogic.

Offering the same high technical performance and operational features of the popular LVM-074W 7 inch widescreen HD LCD sister monitor, the new high-luminance capability SRM-074W provides clear, readable pictures when shooting outdoors in the brightest sunshine – instantly, at the touch of a button!

The new TVLogic SRM-074W provides clear, readable pictures in the brightest sunshine.


Said Stefan Czich, Divisional General Manager, Broadcast & CCTV Products Division: “Even in Northern Europe, obtaining a meaningful image on a field monitor in bright daylight can be a real challenge. With light reflecting off of concrete or snow the level of ambient illumination can reach some 50,000 lux - much greater than the 400 to 800 lux in the average office”.


“Whilst we would normally recommend a sun hood in very bright conditions”, continued Stefan Czich, “this is not always a satisfactory answer. When sharing a monitor with others, or looking at it from different angles, such as when using a Steadi-cam, a sun hood can be too large and unwieldy. In such situations the SRM-074W Sunlight Readable monitor - especially when taking into account its low cost compared to competitors - is of real benefit to outdoor production. Like its associated LVM-074W monitor, we expect the new TVLogic SRM-074W to become a best seller from the word go”.

Extra brightness …

When the high-luminance facility is switched on, the SRM-074W display brightness increases from the normal 400 Nit up to 1000 Nit.

Designed for DSLR cameras the new lightweight SRM-074W operates equally well as either a production monitor or on-camera display. With a white LED backlit high resolution 1024 x 600 (16:9) 7 inch panel, it accommodates multi-format analogue, 3G/Dual Link HD-SGI, SD-SDI, and HDMI signal inputs. The many features of the SRM-074W include waveform/vectorscope, built-in HDMI to HD-SDI conversion output, horizontal and vertical image flip, focus assist, and audio level meter.

… and many other user benefits

More key user benefits – as found in the associated LVM-074W and other TVLogic LVM Series monitors - are 1:1 pixel mapping, closed caption decoding, timecode display, and UMD support. In addition the monitor supports TVLogic’s colour calibration facility for optimum colour alignment.

A unique feature of the SRM-074W and LVM-074W is TVLogic’s new user selectable Temperature Adaptive Colour function that measures LCD panel temperature and automatically compensates for white balance drift caused by unusually hot or cold weather conditions.

The monitor is housed in a durable, yet lightweight, magnesium alloy case and measures just 240 x143 x 69 mm.

… plus ‘Wireless Solution Package”

Soon available from Pyser-SGI Limited is the new TVLogic TWH-100Tx/Rx transmitter and receiver package optimised for use with the SRM-074W and LVM-074W.*

Providing full HD resolution real time uncompressed video transmission and reception over a maximum of 50 m line-of-sight, the TWH-100Tx/Rx aleviates the need for cumbersome and heavy cables – significantly increasing production versatility, creativity and efficiency. Moreover, the wireless package comprises four receivers with the transmitter to provide multi-cast capability and simultaneous monitoring on four SRM-074W or LVM-074W monitors.

Quality cine zoom lenses to ARRI Media

Pyser-SGI supplies Fujinon PL mount Premier Series high quality cine zoom lenses

to ARRI Media for immediate rental.

UK/Ireland distributor Pyser-SGI Limited has supplied Fujinon Premier Series 35 mm PL mount HK4.7x18 and HK5.3x75 lenses to ARRI Media to meet customer demands for cine lenses which fulfil most shooting requirements of directors engaged in the digital and film cinema motion picture industry.

Delivered and already out on long term rental, the Fujinon Premier PL Series HK4.7x18 (18-85 mm) and HK5.3x75 (75-400 mm) lenses are designed for 35 mm format cameras and provide the ultimate in optical performance and cost efficiency previously unavailable in a family of PL mount zooms.

Commenting on the order, an ARRI Media spokesman, said: “These very high quality Fujinon cine zoom lenses are now recognised and requested by an increasing number of directors of photography and are in demand for rental, particularly coupled with our extensive range of ARRI ALEXA cameras. They are a welcome addition to our inventory.”

Fujinon HK4.7x18 medium wide angle zoom.

Using Fujinon’s unique ‘floating’ method, aberrations and focus breathing are suppressed throughout the zoom range, with both high index and special low dispersion glass materials being used in combination with special optical coatings. Offering very high resolution and constant T-No through the zoom range, the lenses have excellent colour matching and utilise new 9-blade iris mechanisms to provide more natural out of focus images. Designed-in temperature shift control for flange back is achieved by careful selection of materials, and the lenses are equipped with a unique new mechanism to replace the lens mount for users seeking best performance with both film and digital cameras. 

Between them, the two PL mount lenses supplied by Pyser-SGI cover an impressive focal length range from 18 mm to a telephoto 400 mm. The HK4.7x18 is a medium wide angle zoom with a focal length from 18 to 85 mm and a constant T-No of 1:2.0 over the range. MOD is 0.71 m and weight is just 6.9 kg. The HK5.3x75 a telephoto lens with a focal length from 75 to 400 mm and a T-No of 1:2.8 up to 270 mm focal length. MOD is 2 m and weight is 8.9 kg.

Fujinon’s Premier Series PL mount cine zoom lenses

Fujinon’s Premier Series 35 mm PL mount high resolution lenses offer a T-No, focal length range and optical performance previously unattainable in PL mount zooms.

Comprising four lenses with focal lengths ranging from a very wide angle 14.5 mm to telephoto 400 mm, the Premier Series HK lenses provide the highest optical performance with both film and digital cameras.

NEW Fujinon XA99x8.4 HDTV


30 May 2013


Available from Pyser-SGI

NEW Fujinon XA99x8.4 HDTV optically stabilised field box lens offers ultra wide angle performance plus high magnification


Available from UK/Ireland distributor Pyser-SGI Limited is the new Fujinon 2/3rd inch format XA99x8.4 field production HD lens.

Introduced only recently at NAB 2013, the new versatile XA99x8.4 features an ultra wide angle field of view for broader picture coverage, plus 99x extreme zoom range for long distance, high magnification, close-in images. With its high quality, opticallystabilised performance combined with rugged, reliable construction, the XA99x8.4 is ideal for the most demanding live sports and other OB productions.

The Fujinon OS-TECH image stabilisation system, employed in the XA99x8.4 as standard, detects any vibration caused by wind or an unstable platform and instantly corrects the optical system to maintain a stable image – even at maximum telephoto range.

The new versatile XA99x8.4 ultra wide angle, telephoto field lens from Fujinon offers maximum creativity in OB productions.


High resolution 16-bit encoders in the XA99x8.4 make the lens suitable for virtual, robotic and digital control applications. Also,Fujinon’s GO-Technology improves image resolution and chromatic aberrations at all focal lengths, and an advanced back focus system allows very close-up macro shots.

Incorporated in the XA99x8.4 is Fujinon’s FIND diagnostic system, providing an invaluable aid in maintenance and troubleshooting and keeping any costly downtime to a minimum. In addition, Fujinon’s dustproof and anti-fogging design reduces dust and moisture and helps maintain long term reliability and optimum performance – very important when shooting in all the types of weather conditions encountered in live field productions.

Fujinon’s new HT-EBC (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating) technology is another feature of the XA99x8.4 design, resulting in richer colours and greatly improved blue response and transmittance. Moreover, combined with Fujinon’s AsphericTechnology (AT), Fujinon’s HT-EBC also reduces ghosting and flare.

Like other lenses in the XA product line, the XA99x8.4 provides Fujinon’s DigiPower digital control features for increased production flexibility, including F-number Limit, Quick Zoom, and Two-shot Preset. Fujinon’s Precision Focus (PF) – for instantly bringing images into perfect focus – can be provided as an option.

The focal length of the XA99x8.4 is 8.4 to 832 mm, increasing to an extreme 1664 mm with its built-in 2x extender. Maximum relative aperture is F1.7 up to 341 mm and F4.2 at 832 mm. MOD is 2.9 m from the front of the lens; and dimensions are 264 x 258 x 610 mm, with a weight of 24.8 kg.