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Shoulder Cases

The SHOULDER CASE is a custom tailored padded camera cover that protects the camera from bumps, knocks and scratches. It also reduces the risk of camcorder damage due to precipitation, dust, and other harsh conditions. The case is securely wrapped and strapped around the camera for full time camera protection. The main body is a durable lamination of water repellent 1000 denier cordura, waterproof foam and soft nylon inside

A built-in RAINTOP covers the entire top of the camera including the lens. It provides protection against rain, sleet and snow as well as corrosive atmospheres such as salt sea air and dusty environments. The waterproof rain top is permanently attached and stored in its own pocket - it can never be left behind. Your camcorder with its SHOULDER CASE will fit snugly into the Quick-Draw, Carry-On, Smuggler and Hiker cases. 


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Shoulder Cases

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Built-in Rain Top Hide-away...
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Built in Rain-Top Hide-away...
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Built in Rain-Top Hide-away...