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The New FUZIR Fused Weapon Sight

Product picture FUZIR-i

Pyser-SGI are pleased to announce the launch of:


The FUZIR is a brand new FUSED weapon sight system available in two variations:

-v fusing daytime optical with variable thermal overlay

-i fusing Image Intensified night vision with variable thermal overlay

Available with High Definition 640 x 480 thermal sensor


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Pyser-SGI of the UK has just received notification of a multi-million dollar contract award to supply several thousands of its Small Arms Collimators (SACs) to the US Army.

The contract involves SACs for the US Army snipers and will be delivered progressively over the next few months. A spokesman for Pyser-SGI said "We are very excited and proud that our SACs have been selected by the US Army for its snipers and to add those users to the many others already deploying our SACs on operational missions throughout the world." Pyser-SGI SACs are used by individual soldiers in theatre to zero, check zero and regain zero with no live firing in just a few seconds, including when changing sights, and are accurate and repeatable to better than 2.5cm at 100m. They can be used on any weapon type, in calibres from 4.6mm to 50 cal and can zero any type of sighting system including iron, day optical, NV, IR and laser types. They considerably increase first hit probability and give the soldier the confidence that his weapon is properly and accurately zeroed at all times. SACs were first adopted by UK forces and are now used in approximately 40 countries including in "Soldier of the Future" programmes.

 SAC contract 

Tomorrow's Technology Is Available Today



Pyser-SGI is pleased to announce 4 more NEW products for 2015. PNP-MTSD is a state of the art thermal surveillance device which is now available in 4 versions offering hand held, head mounted and weapon mounted capability with or without built in digital video recording.







All the above represent the latest in thermal surveillance technology in any of 4 variations incorporating high clarity 384 x 288 sensor, high resolution OLED and compatibility with the PNP-M image intensified range of products ensuring maximum flexibility with existing equipment and its accessories.

All models are available with 17mm, 25mm or 35mm lenses offering human detection at over 1km. All models have digital zoom, polarity change and are fully waterproof.

Hand held PNP-MTSD uses 2 x CR123a to minimise weight with all other versions employing 4 x CR123a for maximum usage time.

  • PNP-MTSD                Hand held surveillance tool
  • PNP-MTSDE              Hand held surveillance tool  incorporating a 32Gb DVR for instant recording.
  • PNP-MTSDS              Weapon mounted thermal weapon sight
  • PNP-MTSDES            Weapon mounted thermal weapon sight incorporating a 32Gb DVR for instant recording.


For a demonstration, more technical details and pricing please get in touch and a sample video recording can be found on the website at

The PNP-MTSD range is available also as PNP-MTHD employing 640 x 480 High Definition thermal sensor.