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The Graticules Divison specialises in the production of high quality reticles, TEM grids, micropatterns and apertures for use in microscopy, metrology, surveying, defence, space, instrumentation and many other industries. Over 60 years experience in this sector means that we can solve most requirements.

We have the largest and most comprehensive range of standard products and we make custom microstructures to individual specifications.

We have facilities to deal with one-off specials right through to large quantities.

Eyepiece Reticles
  Stage Micrometers
  Electron Microscopy Grids
Calibration Scales & Grids
  Calibration Certificates
  Resolution Charts
Correlative Microscopy Coverslips
  Rulings & Gratings
  Precision Apertures
Military Reticles & Targets
  Optical Assembly & Alignment
  Doublet Assemblies
Electroformed Products
  Etch & Fill Reticles
  Chrome, Silver & Aluminium Coatings
Reticles on Film, Ceramics, Plastics
  Anti-Reflective & Multi Layer Coatings
  Etched Foil Products

In addition to micro-patterned products we also manufacture the Inspecta range of superior inspection and measuring instruments, including magnifiers with reticles, portable microscopes, portable metallurgical microscopes, through-hole microscopes and magnified measuring scales. Click here for Inspecta products.

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