Pyser-SGI Limited


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Custom Designed Reticle Patterns


Our 60 years experience in producing high quality micro-structure products, means that we have the tools and capability to satisfy your custom-make requirements. These products are supplied worldwide to industries including defence, metrology, medical, microscopy, analytical instruments, and many more. New developments include stage reticles on film, Correlative Microscopy Coverslips®. particle system calibration slides, and high definition long scales.

Over the years Pyser has developed specialised processes to manufacture the most complex of products.

Whether you are looking for a one-off prototype or a production run of thousands, Pyser have the experience and capability to help you. We manufacture in glass, ceramics, film or metal foil.

We also manufacture small optical assemblies, such as doublets, aperture mounting/alignment and lens/reticle systems.

If your design is described in a full technical drawing or just simply at the ‘back-of-an-envelope’ stage please Email or Telephone us


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